Whether you’re a startup or multi-billion dollar brand your customers follow a proven customer journey.

Discovery → Strategy & Partnership Planning → Architect → Production

This is a collaborative process so we’ll start the Discovery process by taking the time to really listen and get to know you, your desires, and objectives. Because I only take on a few select clients at a time, you will work with me directly.

From there we’ll establish a baseline of where you’re at in regards to those objectives, challenge assumptions to see how we can maximize the project’s impact, and then assess the brand stories, assets, resources, technology, and collective connections that will move you towards those objectives. I have an extensive network of designers, developers, producers, technologies, creators, venues, and brands to build teams from and we will look at your trusted partners as well.

Next we brainstorm ideas and then distill them into an initial project Strategy. As part of this Strategy we’ll map out the touch points along the customer journey as well as the content, capabilities, and trusted contractors who will help execute this plan.  

Bringing together top notch talent on a project basis is what enables us to bring in “A” Players in a cost effective way because you’re paying for expertise not fancy offices or long term staff.

As part of the Architect phase we determine costs, schedules, and final details before going into Production so that the plan is clear, transparent, and easy to understand for all stakeholders.